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The Process

           In July of 2021, the Hampstead School Board          In July of 2021, the Superintendent of Schools
           authorized the Hampstead Superintendent of           developed a 90-day entry plan.  One of the goals
           Schools to select an educational consulting firm     of the entry plan was to solicit input from key
           to work collaboratively with school administration    stakeholders. Specifically, stakeholder groups of
           to facilitate the strategic planning process.        teachers,  parents and community members were
           After reviewing multiple proposals, Dr. Joseph Miller   asked to provide input into the following prompts:
           of ThinkStrategy, LLC was selected for the project.
                                                                  •  What do you value most about the Hampstead
           Over the summer, the district administration met         School District?
           with ThinkStrategy as part of the pre-planning
           process.  This work included:                          •  Where do you see areas of growth for the
                                                                    Hampstead School District?
             •  Reviewing and evaluating the 2015-2020
               Hampstead Strategic Plan                         The responses collected from the entry plan
                                                                were incorporated into the development of the
             •  Developing a framework for a new strategic      Hampstead School District Strategic Plan.

             •  Determining the composition of the
               steering committee

             •  Developing a timeline for the work

           A Strategic Planning Steering Committee,
           consisting of representative stakeholders, was
           formed in September 2021 and engaged in the
           process of developing a new strategic plan.

           The committee met 8 times during the 2021-2022
           school year.  The work of the committee included:

             •  Reviewing and evaluating the 2015-2020
               Hampstead Strategic Plan

             •  Reviewing staff,  parent and community
               survey data

             •  Identifying core values

             •  Developing Strategic Priorities

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