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Letter from the Superintendent and

        Chair of the Board

           "The Hampstead School                                Dear Hampstead community members,

           District 2022-2025                                   We are pleased to present the Hampstead School

           Strategic Plan focuses on                            District 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.  The Hampstead
                                                                School District Strategic Plan is the culmination of
           five priorities that will enable                     eight months of conversations and planning with

           our schools to continue                              a diverse group of stakeholders including parents,
                                                                community members, teachers, paraeducators,
           to achieve educational                               administrators and school board members.

           excellence into the future."                         The Hampstead Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap
                                                                for our school district and is designed to prepare
                                                                our students with the knowledge and skills needed
           — Bob Thompson and David Smith                       for future success.

                                                                The Hampstead School District 2022-2025
                                                                Strategic Plan focuses on five priorities that
                                                                will enable our schools to continue to achieve
                                                                educational excellence into the future.
                                                                These priorities include:

                                                                    1.  Empowering students to become expert
                                                                       learners who have the confidence
                                                                       to advocate for themselves and take
                                                                       responsibility for their learning

                                                                    2.  Examining programs for effectiveness

                                                                    3.  Fostering a positive school culture that
                                                                       honors the emotional well-being of our
                                                                       students and staff

                                                                    4.  Improving communication for staff and
                                                                       community stakeholders

                                                                    5.  Designing learning environments to match
                                                                       our educational philosophies

        4      Hampstead School District Strategic Plan
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