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On behalf of our entire community, we want to thank the following individuals for committing their
           time, expertise and energy into the creation of the Hampstead School District Strategic Plan:

           Lauryn Ciulla, Hampstead Parent

           Maria Di Nola, Hampstead Middle School Principal

           Tracy Griffenhagen, Director of Student Services

           Dr. Karl Hubner, Hampstead Community Member

           Lisa Lambert, Hampstead Central School Paraprofessional

           Dr. Joseph Miller, ThinkStrategy, LLC

           Erin Pellegrini, Hampstead School Board Member

           Chad Pimentel, Hampstead Middle School Teacher

           Bob Thompson, Hampstead School District Superintendent

           Nicole Tomaselli, Director of 21st Learning, Assessment and Technology

           Sarah Wisecarver, Hampstead Central School Teacher

           The next phase of this work will focus on creating action steps and annual deliverables.
           The Hampstead School District 2022-2025 Strategic Plan represents our collective vision for the future of
           our schools.  We believe it will guide our decision making and direction to ensure that our schools educate
           students to the highest standards in nurturing and rigorous learning environments.  We are honored to
           embark on this exciting journey.


           Bob Thompson                               David Smith

           Bob Thompson                                                 David Smith
           Hampstead Superintendent of Schools          Hampstead School Board Chairman

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