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                                DESIGN LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS TO

                               MATCH OUR EDUCATION PHILOSOPHIES

           Conduct a comprehensive                              In partnership with community
           facilities study for both school                     organizations, create dynamic

           buildings.  The goals of the study                   outdoor learning spaces
           would include:                                       for students.

               1.  Determine current space utilization and how we   1.  Identify and map locations for future outdoor
                  can create greater efficiencies for future use.      spaces.

               2.  Understand the current impact that the physical   2.  Create an annual maintenance plan that solicits
                  environment poses to instructional outcomes.         community volunteers for upkeep.

               3.  Begin long-term planning for future needs.       3.  Create and promote a schedule of use for
                                                                       outdoor learning spaces.

           Develop a scheduling task force in
           each school to review and revise the                 Through strategic community
           master schedule to ensure:                           partnership develop off-site
                                                                learning opportunities for students

               1.  Maximized learning opportunities for students.  in the Hampstead Community.
                                                                Partnerships would include:
               2.  Current best educational practice of school
                                                                    1.  Providing access for students to local
               3.  Accessibility and equity of opportunity to the      organizations and businesses for the
                  diverse population of students.                      development of real-world skills.

                                                                    2.  When appropriate, connect middle school
                                                                       students to internships, career technical
                                                                       education (CTE) and work experiences.

                                                                    3.  Incorporate service learning and extended
                                                                       learning opportunities for students.

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