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                                IMPROVE COMMUNICATION FOR STAFF

                                    AND COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS

           Align messaging to the community                     Create a Hampstead School District
           with the core values and strategic                   Parent Partnership Group.

           priorities of the district.
                                                                    1.  Identify key stakeholders to participate in the
              1.  Launch a social media campaign to                    planning and implementation of the group.
                  regularly demonstrate students and teachers
                  exemplifying our core values and strategic        2.  Foster opportunity for conversations amongst
                  priorities.                                          parents of children with disabilities and the
                                                                       Hampstead School District Department of
              2.  Highlight members of the Hampstead school            Student Services.
                  community who personify the core values and
                  communicate to the broader community.             3.  Provide ongoing professional development to
                                                                       parents on pertinent topics.
              3.  Bolster regular communications to highlight the
                  priorities listed in the strategic plan.

           Solicit feedback from stakeholders

           including staff, students and

               1.  Utilize varied approaches for collecting feedback
                  from stakeholders.

               2.  Develop procedures for sharing appropriate
                  feedback with stakeholders.

               3.  Align action items accordingly.

                                                                           Hampstead School District Strategic Plan  27
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