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                                 FOR RELEVANCE AND EFFECTIVENESS

           Complete a matrix that inventories                   Redesign staff evaluation system
           curriculum programs across all                       to ensure alignment with the

           grade levels and content areas.                      Hampstead School District’s
                                                                professional growth model.
               1.  Matrix should include program name and
                  description, identify supplemental materials      1.  Develop an efficient system for review of new
                  used for differentiation in Tier 2, licensing        and experienced educators that offers more
                  information, recurring costs for consumables,        frequent, simplified and calibrated evaluations.
                  and define which department budgets for
                  purchase.                                         2.  Ensure mentoring and coaching programs align
                                                                       with the professional evaluation system and
               2.  Identify professional development needs of          that they are available to all educators who seek
                  the district.                                        professional growth opportunities.

               3.  Establish time-line and process for program      3.  Incorporate instructional rounds,
                  evaluation and measuring program effectiveness.      administrative walkthroughs and site visits
                                                                       to innovative schools to see/promote best
                                                                       practices in action.
           Incorporate instructional best
           practices into teaching reflection
           and teacher evaluation.

               1.  Identify research-based instructional best
                  practices appropriate for given content area
                  and developmental range.

               2.  Incorporate time for learning about research-
                  based instructional strategies.

               3.  Identify teacher leaders and protocols that will
                  be used to inform and move forward this work
                  in various settings.

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